The National:

JUST when you thought the London media’s coverage of the Scottish election couldn’t get any worse, Sky’s Adam Boulton comes along.

Big name pundits, taking a break from the Westminster lobby, have offered bad take after bad take over the past week as Scots went to the polls.

But surely this latest one has got to be the worst.

The National:

Fortunately, Val McDermid was on hand to provide the perfect retort.

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The pro-independence writer was being interviewed on Sky News about the constitutional question.

Things took a turn for the absurd, however, when host Boulton decided to ask about what might happened in an independent Scotland.

The curious presenter asked: “If independence happened, how much of a divorce would it be? I mean, would you like to see an independent Scotland abandon speaking the sort of English we’re speaking now?”

Where to start with that one…

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McDermid replied: “No, of course not, that would be absurd.

“That would be as absurd as saying we should all speak just Gaelic. I think we recognise that in Scotland we speak three languages – we speak English and Scots and Gaelic. These are all part of our national culture.

“And for most of us, we’re bilingual in at least two of those.”

To emphasise her point, McDermid gave the next part of her answer in Scots. She said she doesn’t speak the language all the time to “folk that dinny ken what am saying, ken?”

Adding: “Cos that wud be pointless, ken?”

A bewildered Boulton replied: “So you’d stick by English, that’s good to hear.”

Bravo, Val.