CURATORS are on a quest to discover whether a piece of the linoleum that furnished Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home was originally made in Fife.

Staff at Kirkcaldy Galleries will sift through pattern books from the 1950s to find a match for the former Beatle’s floor covering, which is still in the hall at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool.

The investigation is part of a new venture that celebrates Kirkcaldy’s industrial past, which saw the Fife town become a world leader in linoleum production.

The National Trust donated a sample from the floor to Kirkcaldy Galleries in 1997, after the trust acquired the property where McCartney lived from 1955 to 1964. It measures 24cm by 9cm.

Gavin Grant, collections team leader with the cultural charity OnFife, which runs the galleries, said: “The McCartney floor covering is one of 6000 objects in our internationally significant linoleum collection and we’d love to know if it was made in Fife.”