The National:

MARTIN Compston has shot to new levels of stardom playing a no-nonsense detective sergeant.

But it’s not just on screen that he refuses to suffer fools gladly.

The Scot hasn’t been taking any prisoners on social media as he busts myths about the Union and the SNP.

The actor has been targeted by the Better Together brigade after pledging his support to Nicola Sturgeon’s party and a Yes vote ahead of the Holyrood election.

He’s already dealt with Tory trolls, including Murdo Fraser, in expert fashion.

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Now he’s taking on members of the English commentariat who have this weekend decided that they’re all experts on the Scottish constitution.

The National:

Impressionist, writer and radio presenter Matt Forde was the latest to give his thoughts.

The comic – who last year drew criticism for claiming Scotland’s “Stay Safe” virus messaging was “even vaguer” than England’s “Stay Alert” campaign – suggested on Twitter that the economic case for independence is doomed.

He wrote: “It’s not that the SNP don’t know the answers on the economic impact of independence, it’s that they do.”

The expert analysis was gratefully received by Compston.

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Replying on behalf of us “clueless Jocks”, he commented: “You’re right Matt clueless jocks as ever not knowing what we voted for.

“Thank god we have Boris and co on their umpteenth election loss to guide us through what’s best for us.”

It’s another top take down from TV’s best-loved cop.