SKY News has been criticised for a misleading graph which groups the Scottish Greens in the ‘Other’ category and suggests the Scottish Liberal Democrats came fourth.

The Greens made the greatest gains in the Scottish Parliament election by securing eight regional seats, which is an improvement of two from 2016.  

Whereas the LibDems only secured four seats, in a loss of one, meaning that they’re no longer one of the main political parties in Scotland.

Yet last night Sky News featured a graph which read: SNP 64, Conservatives 32, Labour 22, Liberal Democrats four, and Other eight.

Ross Greer, Green MSP for the West Scotland region, tweeted: “Get a grip of yourselves Sky News. Displaying four Lib Dem MSPs as if they came fourth but relegating the eight Scottish Greens to ‘other’ is just embarrassing.”

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Josh Aaron-Mennie, an SNP activist and list candidate, tweeted: “Former Head of Media for Scottish Greens, Jason Rose, says on Sky News:

“’According to your graphics I’m the former head of media for the ‘other party’ with merely eight MSPs compared to the mighty Lib Dems with four.’”

This provoked an outpouring of frustration and anger on Twitter.

One person said: "'Others' = the Greens. Call them the Greens. It's their name. The Green Party, not others. 

"They got twice as many seats as the LibDems. 

"Is it because the Greens are pro-indy that you find it impossible to tell the public? Sky News."

Another said: "It does seem to be the overall UK media bias, Greens above and below the border outperform LibDems in areas, yet LibDems parties like UKIP, Reform etc get the media spotlight.

"Terrible journalism."