GEORGE Galloway’s Holyrood dream was in tatters last night as his All for Unity party failed to win a single seat.

Galloway himself stood in the South of Scotland region where party leader Jamie Blackett was second on the list.

Other candidates included Mary Devlin, one half of husband-and-wife Unionist campaign The Majority. She was the party’s lead candidate in Central Scotland.

All for Unity – slated for its RAF-style roundel logo and initially rejected by the Electoral Commission for incomplete paperwork under its original name Alliance for Unity – had urged No voters to back it and “stop the neverendum”.

But they failed to break through anywhere.

Three Labour and three Tory candidates were returned in the South of Scotland, along with Emma Harper of the SNP.

The party split is a change from the 2016 result, when it was three SNP to two Tories and two Labour members.

Then, Paul Wheelhouse and Joan McAlpine were elected, but they will not now return to Holyrood.

Although one seat did change hands in the Central region, it went from Labour to the Greens – Labour and the Tories got three each here, to the Greens’ one.