Here are seven good ideas for seven days in Scotland...

1 THE Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, one of Scotland’s most diverse and inclusive cultural events, is on this week. Combining high quality artistic events with extensive community-led programming and a social justice agenda, they have a banger of a documentary called Judy Versus Capitalism about Judy Rebick’s pivotal role in securing women’s rights in Canada. Radical feminist, street fighter, practical dreamer, it’s not to be missed. For details go to

2 JOHN Byrne at 80, a retrospective exhibition of works in print by the revered Scottish playwright, writer and artist. A showcase of his brilliance and humour, the exhibition opens this week and is available at the Glasgow Print studio from Tuesday until Saturday, free of charge.

3 SCOTTISH Opera are not allowing the pandemic to stop them and this week you can share the delights of Mozart’s Cozí Fan Tutti. Two sisters, their lovers, and a man with a point to prove about fickle young couples… Social experiment? Reality TV show? Director Roxana Haines reimagines Mozart’s exuberant comedy of infidelities as a game for today, in which lovers’ loyalties are put to the ultimate test. For details please head to

4 ALSO at Scottish Opera is the interesting sounding Narcissistic Fish. A phone call during a busy shift in the restaurant kitchen of The Narcissistic Fish sparks a war between the owner Angus and his brother Kai. As they argue over their dead father, talented and underpaid chef Belle has a revelation of her own. A brand new digital opera with music by Samuel Bordoli, head over to

5 THE National Theatre of Scotland likewise have not been cooling their heels and have a new and slightly avant garde show, Ghosts. A young man in 18th Century Glasgow, leads us on atmospheric journey of 500+ years of resistance through the streets of the Merchant City down to the River Clyde.

Download the National theatre app, plug in your headphones, and lose yourself in this poetic storytelling experience, exploring the myth of Scotland’s collective amnesia of slavery and racialised wealth, of empire and identity. Surrounded by AR visuals, haunting voices and music, Ghosts will take you on a physical and emotional journey. A lament to lives lost and an impassioned call to action in the present day. App available on Apple store or Google Play.

6 THEY do say, know thine enemy… in that case lets head along to this event and hear what they are plotting now. The Spectator are hosting an online event “divided nation” with guests such as Alex Massie and Adam Tomkins. The event is open to all and there will be a Q&A. Tuesday at 6pm. For more information head over to From £6.

7 BLACK Laughs Matter is an online comedy gig that is getting a lot of attention as a host of top comedians of colour prepare for spome online gigs, The live comedy scene has been devastated by the closure of all of the comedy clubs, so if you’d like to support black comics, join in online for a special “Black Laughs Matter” online comedy show live from San Francisco where a portion of the proceeds will go to the black lives movement. Hopefully soon we can go to real comedy but in there meantime head over to Eventbrite and snap up a ticket for this gem.