Beth Rigby had some interesting ideas

EVERYBODY knows the London media just don’t get Scotland. Every so often, something happens "north of the border" (usually an election or a referendum) which means that they need to start PAYING ATTENTION. Wait a minute, could this be the end of the Union? Have Salmond and Sturgeon fallen out?? Why don’t the Scots like Boris???

The Westminster press pack's knowledge of Scottish politics – and particularly the driving forces behind the movement for independence – is already pretty much non-existent. But their understanding of Scotland’s electoral system is even worse.

Scotland's voters look set to have delivered a comfortable pro-Yes majority – with the SNP (possibly) just falling short on their own, but a substantial number a Greens (whose votes do count, by the way) also want a referendum.

Beth Rigby had some interesting ideas

THIS IS A MANDATE FOR INDYREF2. This shouldn’t need explained. And media outside the UK (who are used to reporting on proportional election systems) understand this too.

Annette Dittert, senior correspondent and bureau chief for ARD German TV, was puzzled by the reaction. She tweeted: “Why is the idea that the #SNP would need an overall majority for a second referendum to be legitimate so dominant in the British media today? If a majority of the Scottish parliament was voted on the basis of supporting it, that's certainly just as legitimate.”

But this simple point seems too difficult to grasp for Westminster’s finest.

Anyway, here are six terrible takes from the London media on the SNP election result (we’re sure you’ll spot some familiar faces). When Laura Kuenssberg inevitably tweets something daft, we'll add it to the list.

1. The police will be shutting down polling stations! The Mail on Sunday's Dan Hodges here – who else? – with his vision of a post-apocalyptic indyref.

2. IF tHe SnP DoN’t GeT a MaJoRiTy tHeRe WoN’t Be aN iNdYrEf! Want to bet, Iain?

3. "Helps efforts to argue". Actually, Beth, what helps the Prime Minister is you talking a load of a rubbish about political mandates.

4. So much to unpack here. Jackie Baillie winning in Dumbarton thanks to Tory votes is the most consequential result of an election in which the SNP sweep the board after 14 years in power. That's a lifeline for Boris Johnson?

5. We’re very sorry Michael. We thought you were better than this. Analysis of facts is actually what we want from our broadcasters.

6. Is this an incumbents’ election? Well, the SNP have been polling pretty much where they finished for years now, since before the pandemic. Might be the case in England and Wales, but we have a little something called the independence debate up here, and Unionist tactical voting proves conclusively this election was all about the constitution.

But amongst it all, there were a few good takes worth pointing out, and it would be churlish for the Jouker to not point them out.

1. Well done Robert Peston – spot on.

2. And here's Times columnist David Aaronovitch:

3. We don't always see eye to eye with Owen, but...

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