THE BBC has come under fire for cutting off coverage of the Holyrood election as results from several constituences were still to be called.

BBC One Scotland ended election results coverage at 8.05pm to show Eastenders before results for Dumbarton, Cunninghame North and Kirkcaldy had been announced.

However BBC One Wales will show the election results there until 10pm.

People from across the political spectrum took to social media to express their frustration, with many saying they now have to rely on Twitter for results.

SNP MP Stewart McDonald called the move “outrageous”.

“Really outrageous coverage from BBC Scotland, who covered every twist and turn of Hartlepool but cut off before the most marginal seat in Scotland declared. Poor stuff,” he wrote.

Commentator and National columnist Gerry Hassan said the BBC is "still treating Scotland as a region not a nation".

Carolyn Leckie said the BBC wouldn't do this in a UK election.

Former SNP MSP Trisha Marwick said: "Seriously, STV and BBC are abandoning live coverage of the Scottish Parliament elections with 5 seats still to be declared. Including Dumbarton where it is rumoured there is a recount. Unbelievable."

Cameron McNeish said: "Having to rely on Twitter to hear results as they come in. So called results show from BBC more concerned with wee chats and blathers."

Edel Welsh pointed out that the BBC had extensive coverage of Prince Philip's death, saying: "Considering the incredibly high Scottish election turnout and its importance I am staggered there’s no coverage on BBC Scotland or STV who have both switched off. We had saturation coverage for a dead prince. I actually can’t believe it."