NUMBER 10 has refused to deny reports that the Prime Minister asked Conservative donors to help fund childcare costs for his son Wilfred.

This afternoon Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson would only say he “covered the cost” of care – and would not say if he had approached party donors or had been given money by donors.

Yesterday the Tory leader refused to deny the claims during a visit to Hartlepool ahead of a key by-election, telling reporters this “stuff is, in my view, exclusively for the interest of the Westminster bubble”.

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It comes after the Electoral Commission confirmed it would be investigating who paid for the refurbishment of Johnson and Carrie Symond’s flat amid claims that Tory donors were asked for help with the costs.

There are several probes ongoing into lobbying and party donations at Westminster.

Asked about the childcare reports, first published over the weekend, Johnson’s spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister has covered all the costs of all childcare and I’ve got nothing more to add to that.”

Pressed on whether he is paying the costs himself or had asked for money from donors, they responded: “I’ve got nothing more to add. The Prime Minister has covered all costs.”

Asked for a final time, the spokesperson replied: “What I’m saying is the Prime Minister has covered all costs of childcare, I’m not adding any more to that.”

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The childcare story first emerged at the weekend as the Sunday Times reported Johnson wanted a nanny fund, allegedly complaining he needed more than £300,000 a year to pay for living costs. As PM Johnson currently earns £157,372.

A donor allegedly told an MP: “I don’t mind paying for leaflets but I resent being asked to pay to literally wipe the Prime Minister’s baby’s bottom.”

The newspaper also claimed Tory chiefs paid for the Prime Minister’s £165-an-hour personal trainer and a personal chef when he was in hospital with coronavirus.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab dismissed the claims as “gossip” during an appearance on Sky News on Sunday.