IF you’ve been out and about recently, you may have noticed The National’s new eye-catching billboard campaign.

It’s a case of averting your eyes, however, if you happen to be called Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

In fact it’s far from picture perfect for any leading Tories, with Douglas Ross, Michael Gove and Baroness Davidson all featuring heavily.

The billboards are up in dozens of locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, with images of the artwork spread widely on social media.

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What we want to know is which is your favourite?

Here are the contenders. Answer below to tell us which one you like the most!

1. 'Verminous race' 

The National:

2. Michael Gove's ringing endorsement 

The National:

3. 'You just can't, Colin' 

The National:

4. Baroness Davidson 

The National:

5. 'Let the bodies pile high' 

The National:

Which one had you laughing out loud and which got your fired up for indyref2? Let us know in the comments.