A PRO-independence song written by a Scotsman, and Englishman and an Aussie has struck a chord after racking up more than 10,000 views on Facebook since it was released on Friday.

Travel with me Scotland, by Molly & Angus, delivers a positive message for what has been a challenging year for many young people – and others – in Scotland.

The video accompanying the song was made by Jack Hand, a media graduate from the University of Stirling.

It features Molly Mack, the younger sister of Mirren, who starred in the BBC’s The Nest with Martin Compton, and Angus Burns, lead singer of Glasgow band Land of Rubber Men.

Molly’s father is SNP-supporting Billy Mack, who starred on stage in The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil.

Ray Ross, the Scot in the writing team, told The National: “The song was written by an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Aussie and the guitar and music production was by Tony Foster of the band Spiritualized.

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“It hasn’t been released commercially but has had over 10,000 views since Thursday’s release on Facebook and has been picked up by all the Indy groups and three radio stations.

“As we approach what may be the most important election in Scotland’s history, please listen to the words of this song.

“No matter what your politics, it is time for the people of Scotland to make decisions for Scotland.”

And the lyrics of Travel with me Scotland could send a shiver up your spine:

Face tomorrow, hold it tight in
Your hands.
Never easy, making new plans,
The journey stretches ahead
Travel with me
We are a country, surrounded by sea,
Moving, to finally be free.
Support each other, whatever you feel
Travel with me
Instead of wandering, come back to your home.
Fires burn brightly, you’re never alone.
We need you, together we’re free
Travel with me
Proud to love and share
A land for you and me
No matter where you’ve come from,
A welcome light you’ll see.
Face tomorrow,
Hold it tight in your hands
Never easy, making new plans
The journey stretches ahead
Travel with me...