ON reading the BBC director-general’s remarks on the importance of World Press Freedom Day, it is painfully obvious that Mr Tim Davie doesn’t do irony.

Lauding the national broadcaster as providing people in the UK with access to “trusted and impartial news”, he correctly states that journalists around the world need to be protected in the name of media freedom and truth. However, it is difficult not to dismiss his sentiments as sanctimonious tosh in the knowledge that the BBC has carried out a continuous campaign of transparent hostility to Scottish independence.

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BBC Scotland appear to be only obeying orders by omitting any news stories that show the prospects of independence in a good light and by inviting Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross on to their programmes so frequently that he will undoubtedly be invited to the staff Christmas dance.

The BBC’s apparent inability to present arguments for Scottish independence in any fair or balanced fashion is only rivalled by their faculty for shielding the Westminster Tory government and the colourful and varied indiscretions of their bumbling and mendacious Prime Minister.

The broadcaster’s hierarchy is made up of Tory donors and former Conservative party members and councillors. Laura Kuenssberg, the political editor of BBC news, seldom misses an opportunity to act as an apologist or cheerleader for Mr Johnson and his morally bankrupt government. Recently she tried to explain in an article, without a hint of satire, why the Prime Minister is not actually a stranger to the truth, despite volumes of evidence to the contrary.

The days when the BBC could claim impartiality and rectitude are long gone. An independent Scotland should witness its demise.

Owen Kelly