The Yorkshire Vet (C5, 8pm)

A FARMER fears one of his sheep has been shot. But has it actually suffered an attack by a dog, or perhaps a fox? Meanwhile, Peter Wright is worried about a tawny owl whose eye he removed 18 months ago. Flynn now has a serious problem with his remaining eye, which means his life is in danger. Peter’s former partner Julian Norton visits a local dairy farm to help a new mum who’s having issues, and then it’s all hands on deck back at the surgery as he and his team battle to save a litter of unborn puppies.

All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star (BBC2, 8pm)

WE began the contest with eight talented jewellers, and now host Katherine Ryan welcomes the five remaining contestants back into the workshop for two more challenges. This week, it’s all about gold as they try to make a pair of identical hoop earrings, before welcoming client Zeynap, who wants a gold locket to give to the woman who saved her mum’s life. But whose creations will impress judges and award-winning jewellery designers Solange Azagury-Partridge and Shaun Leane?

The Syndicate (BBC1, 9pm)

THE syndicate arrive back in England, but they are still no closer to driving they won the jackpot. However, new evidence of their win has unexpectedly come to light and there appears to be a happy ending after all. Keeley and Jake celebrate their newfound wealth with a shopping spree, but when she realises that he may still have feelings for Georgina, she has second thoughts about their future plans. Colette is shocked by the reappearance of someone she thought she’d lost forever, and Frank begs Cheryl to help him in a last-ditch attempt to save himself and Duke.

The Money Maker (C4, 9pm)

WE all know that times are tough for many businesses at the moment. But there is hope, and this new four-part reality series aims to show that shrewd decisions can help businesses navigate the post-pandemic economy. We follow Eric Collins, CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, a venture capital firm supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe. Over the next few weeks, he offers not only his expertise, but also his own capital investment to four small struggling British businesses.