SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon launched two "Both Votes SNP" election campaign buses in Edinburgh this morning with days to go until the Holyrood vote.

Along with SNP candidates Angus Robertson and Ben Macpherson, the First Minister kicked off the last election push.

She said their election message will be heading to “every part of the country” before the May 6 ballot.

The National:

Each bus shows a photograph of Sturgeon with the "Both Votes SNP" messaging prominent beside her. Underneath they read “strong leadership” and “Scotland at heart”.

SNP chief executive, and Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, also posted a picture of the buses on his social media and wrote: “Bon voyage! Beautiful morning to be setting off on the SNP tour of Scotland promoting #BothVotesSNP.”

SNP members praised the bright yellow buses, but the message also prompted a fresh row on social media about how best to use the regional vote next week.

Supporters of Alex Salmond’s Alba Party argue "Both Votes SNP" leads to wasted votes and are hoping to achieve a “supermajority” for independence.

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon holds Saoirse, the daughter of SNP candidate for Edinburgh Central Angus Robertson

However Sturgeon has made clear she feels this is “gaming” the electoral system and has been critical of the party, which wants independence negotiations to begin immediately after the Holyrood election.

Yesterday she indicated she would not support an Alba motion calling for dialogue with the UK Government to be opened right away, telling BBC Radio 4: “I’m a life-long believer in independence, I want Scotland to be independent.

“But firstly we’ve got to steer the country through the crisis and of course we’ve got to build the majority for independence through patient persuasion.”

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Salmond wrote to her over the comments, saying: “Any continuing refusal by you to support a motion in the Scottish Parliament to instruct the Scottish Government to implement what would be a clear mandate from the Scottish people in the election, risks surrendering not just a veto but the initiative on Scotland’s future to Boris Johnson. That cannot be allowed to continue.”

This morning, with five days to go until the Scottish Parliament vote, Sturgeon set out why she believes Scots should back her party.

“Thursday’s crucial election is about who has the experience to lead Scotland out of the pandemic and into recovery. Only the SNP is putting forward a serious programme for government to remobilise our NHS, rebuild our economy and help our communities recover,” she said.

The National:

“And only the SNP wants Scotland’s recovery to be in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s. After all we’ve been through, people deserve better than to be subjected to years more of Tory cuts handed down from Westminster which will hurt our NHS and choke off recovery.”

She added: “The SNP campaign over these final few days will be brimming with optimism in contrast to the relentless negativity of the opposition.”