INDEPENDENCE-SUPPORTING Scots are being urged to sign a letter calling on leaders in Brussels and across Europe to say that Scotland can return to the EU.

The letter from campaign group Europe for Scotland was published earlier this week, with signatures from more than 170 prominent European cultural figures.

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Signatories hail from every EU member state and all four UK nations – the letter has also been published in 19 languages. The likes of Brian Eno, Saskia Sassen, Elena Ferrante and Slavoj Zizek have thrown their weight behind the project.  

Now it has been signed by more than 5000 people, while the initiative was described by Scotland’s First Minister as “very impressive”.

The letter urges European leaders to make clear, before a new referendum is held, that an independent Scotland can rejoin the EU.

It states: “We are Europeans from across the continent and around the world. Naturally, we disagree about many things. But we all agree on this: We want the people of Scotland to know that Europeans everywhere would welcome them back in the European Union if this is still their democratic wish.”

The National:

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Nicola Sturgeon shared the full letter twice this week, writing last night: “This is an incredibly impressive list of people, all making clear that a future independent Scotland should be warmly and quickly welcomed back into the EU.”

National columnist and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch (above), who has been working behind the scenes on the project with campaign founders Nina Jetter and Andrea Pisauro, said she hopes to see many more Scots throw their weight behind the scheme.

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"I hope Scots match the enthusiasm of our international supporters and sign up in their thousands,” she said.

“The stage of dealing with the EU may seem far away, but moves towards indyref2 will come thick and fast after the election and it's vitally important to clear down the false and gloomy narrative that iScotland would be friendless in Europe.

“This letter to Brussels and its 5000-plus signatories proves that isn’t true."

Read the full letter, quotes from supporters in Europe and sign it yourself at