The National:

NICOLA Sturgeon seems to understand a lot about Scotland that her opponents don’t.

Take for example the idea that the public would like an opportunity to vote on their constitutional future in an independence referendum.

Or that decisions made in Westminster on Scottish people’s behalf by politicians they never elected isn’t exactly a perfectly functioning democracy.

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One thing we may have taken for granted before this election campaign was that we wouldn’t be made to watch political leaders dance.

It’s not something we want to see. Nicola Sturgeon understands that.

Anas Sarwar and Douglas Ross apparently do not.

First came the Scottish Labour leader, who to be fair at least looked like he was enjoying himself.

Then came the Scottish Tory leader, who does not look like he is enjoying himself.

The Tories like to talk about ending the “division” in Scotland. That video united all of us. As the First Minister said: “Talk about cringe.”

Speaking in a Zoom meeting with stars of Scottish social media, including content creators from YouTube and TikTok, Sturgeon addressed that video of the Tory leader.

Jared Rowan, the TikTok star who The National featured last week for his excellent effort at writing a new independence anthem, had a question for the First Minister.

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Rowan, also known as the Littlest Chicken, said: “My question is: Dougie Ross was asked if it came to a dance-off for second place what his choice of song would be and that was Atomic Kitten Whole Again.

“So when it comes to us winning, what is your victory dance song going to be?”

The First Minister’s reply was not something you’d have heard her say in the chamber at Holyrood.

She told the Zoom meeting: “You don’t want to see me dance, you really, really don’t.

“That Dougie Ross thing with Atomic Kitten … I mean talk about cringe.

“I mean seriously that guy, that guy needs help, or better advice or something.

“I’m going to try to avoid that.”

In a short clip Rowan shared to social media, Sturgeon says that she may learn a dance to a song Rowan composes especially for an SNP election win.

She goes on: “How about for our victory I get you to compose something special and then I will learn to dance to it, then we will see where that takes us?

“I can maybe even do a TikTok of it!”

“Brilliant, I’ll hold you to that,” Rowan says.

Well, we may yet see the First Minister dance after all...