JANEY Godley has hit out at George Galloway after he criticised the BBC for making Scotland "look and sound like a nation of Janey Godleys and Rab C Nesbits".

Godley said it was "ironic" that Galloway had used the slang word "jakey" to describe her while he is expecting Scots to vote for his All For Unity party at next month's election.

She said people should not vote for "a man who hates your working class accent".

His tweet said: "It’s only a snap-shot because I almost never watch it but: is it the Mission of @BBCScotland to make us look and sound like a nation of Janey Godleys and Rab C Nesbits? It’s excruciating...

"Most Scots neither look nor sound like that. We are a people who made it big all over the world as artists architects engineers film and television professionals - we even invented the damn thing! I’m sitting here with my wife watching jakies!"

Godley responded with a series of tweets aimed at Galloway, including a video saying: "For those who know, George Galloway has came on Twitter to slag me on BBC television, for being on BBC and speaking slang.

"He called people like a 'jakey' which is ironic because that's a slang word. 'Jakey' is synonymous with alcoholic, addict, homeless, and I come from alcoholics and addicts. I'm not ashamed of my working class roots and I will always speak like this."

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She went on to reference Galloway's time on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 in which he infamously impersonated a cat, pretending to lick milk from the cupped hands of fellow housemate Rula Lenska.

"This is a man who went on TV and spoke like a cat for quite a while," Godley continued. "It's quite the hill to die on when you're slagging me for talking my language when your language was 'meow meow meow'."

Godley goes on: "I mean, if he is publishing his manifesto and he only wants Scottish people with RP to vote for his party...then that's quite the manifesto. I'm not ashamed of speaking like this and I don't think I should be but if George Galloway doesn't like people speaking slang he shouldn't write slang words on Twitter and call me a 'jakey.'

"I'm proud of who I come from. I'm proud of my family and for every addict and alcoholic and homeless person that he's insulting ... I can't wait to see him at the ballot box in May. Good luck George. Meow meow. Over and out."

The National reported earlier this month that the Scottish Conservatives fear losing up to six seats to All For Unity.

A Panelbase poll put support for the pro-UK party at 4%. According to the Daily Telegraph, the Tories believe the situation could leave them vulnerable in central Scotland and the south of Scotland, where they picked up the final list seats in 2016.

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The leader of AFU, Jamie Blackett, said he believed the party’s support could rise to “14%, or even higher”.

He said: “We are not the vote splitters. The vote splitters are the three main Unionist parties who are refusing to stand down candidates who have absolutely no hope of winning in constituencies.

“The Tories have spent the last few days indulging in a self-centred attack on All For Unity when they could have been attacking the SNP.”