THE Yes DIY page on Wednesday and Saturday is the place for the Yes movement to tell its stories. Ahead of the election next week, we are asking for your accounts on how the campaign went for your group.

The Yes movement is much bigger than any political party, and the cause of independence is greater than any single organisation.

Yet political reality has to be embraced by us all, and that’s why this election has become so important – any reversal in the momentum for independence will be seized upon by the Unionists as an excuse for denying as a second referendum.

The evidence is there of renewed effort on the part of many Yes groups, and that’s why we are asking all of you to give your account of what has happened over the past few weeks.

Did you hold hustings? Who did you invite? Which candidates attended? What did they say? What was the reaction of your members?

There have been disturbing rumours of some parties failing to do their democratic duty and face the electorate, even in a Zoom meeting which, let’s face it, should be easier for those candidates who are perhaps not the best public speakers. Did that happen to your group?

This is The National’s attempt to gauge feeling in the wider Yes movement, so if you can write on behalf of your group, or are an an individual who can say what happened in your personal experience of the campaign, then please email