A POLL has shown that a majority of people in the UK think Boris Johnson's behaviour over the Tory sleaze scandal is "unacceptable" and most Scots believe he is "corrupt".

The Opinium poll for the Observer, published today, asked people whether they believe the Prime Minister and the Tory party are corrupt and then about revelations in the Tory lobbying scandal.

Data from the survey shows that 37% of people across the UK think Boris Johnson is "corrupt" – rising to 53% of people in Scotland. Around the same proportion view the Tory party as "corrupt", including 38% of people across the UK and 52% of people in Scotland.

On the James Dyson (below) "texts for contracts" affair, 55% of people across the UK say Boris Johnson's behaviour is "unacceptable" rising to around two-thirds (65%) of people in Scotland.

It was revealed earlier this week that Dyson raised concerns about tax in relation to his employees and sought a favourable outcome from the Government, contacting Johnson directly.

The National: Sir James Dyson (PA)

The Prime Minister told Dyson that his employees would not have to pay extra tax if they came to the UK to make ventilators.

Johnson texted Dyson saying “Rishi [Sunak] says it is fixed!!”

Two weeks after these texts were exchanged Sunak told the Commons Treasury Committee that the tax status of people who came to the UK to provide specific help during the pandemic would not be affected.

When asked whether a former prime minister should be allowed to use contacts in government to get special financial help for his new company - referencing David Cameron's involvement with the Greensill lobbying scandal - respondents were clear.

The UK-wide response was that 76% of people believe a former prime minister lobbying the current government is "unacceptable" and this rose to 79% for Scotland.

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The SNP's Westminster deputy leader, Kirsten Oswald, said: "Boris Johnson's botched attempt to distract voters from the Tory sleaze scandal has failed – with a majority of Scots viewing his behaviour as 'completely unacceptable' and 'corrupt'.

"Taxpayers have a right to know why multi-million-pound contracts, special access, tax breaks and peerages are being handed out to Tory donors and friends like sweeties. 

"It absolutely reeks of Tory cronyism and sleaze. Serious accusations of impropriety and possible illegality have been made, and only a full independent public inquiry can provide the transparency and accountability needed, with those responsible held to account.

"It's no wonder that people in Scotland want to get away from the broken Westminster system. Many will conclude the Tories and Westminster establishment are only in it for themselves."