THOSE hard-working Yes activists at Independence Live have secured a coup by hosting a star guest in tonight’s chart show.

They told us: “Like him or loath him, there is little question that Alex Salmond, leader of the Alba Party, makes news.

“Now National readers can put their questions directly to him. He is live on the TNT [The Nation Talks] show on IndyLive tonight, starting at 7pm.”

The programme’s host, John Drummond, said: “This is an important election. The decisions we take as voters on May 6 may well affect us all for years to come.

“So, it is vital we hear from the main players of the independence movement. I am pleased that Alex is happy to take your questions live on the show.”

Drummond added: “We have invited First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to be our guest on the TNT show on April 28, and we expect to hear from her team shortly.”

To send a question for Salmond to answer, you can visit: