MY husband has voted SNP since he got the vote and I have for most of my life – we are both pensioners but I’m sorry to say for the very first time neither of us will vote SNP.

The reason for this is the gender identity saga currently devouring the party – it seems it is not alright to give ice cream or custard to children but they can have all the chemicals their body needs to stop puberty and leave them with medical and psychological problems for the rest of their lives.

In England the courts have decided that children under 16 cannot give consent for such actions, and the only clinic in Scotland to be able to prescribe them is sorry it did not warn of the dangers of these drugs sooner but still prescribes them.

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I do not want anyone to be treated differently from anyone else regardless of race, sexuality or anything else, but by passing laws that allow a man to call himself a women (without surgery) and therefore have to be allowed into women’s refuges, prisons, hospitals and other safe spaces makes a mockery of women and all the equality legislation that has been hard won.

Anyone who allows a man in a dress to believe he really is a woman is going against every biological concept and law.

The women of Scotland have to stand up to this for themselves and our children.

Winifred McCartney

ANENT the SNP’s manifesto commitment to press ahead with reform of the Gender Recognition Act. One thing that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in this is the second public consultation on the proposed reforms, which closed in March last year. Have the responses to this been analysed? If so, have the results of the consultation been taken into account? Or has the whole thing been effectively binned? Given the concerns which led to the Scottish Government having to hold a second public consultation in the first place, transparency regarding this is surely vital?

Mo Maclean