The National:

SCOTTISH Greens co-leader Lorna Slater has had a busy week since her strong performance in the BBC Leaders’ Debate.

The Holyrood hopeful has been introduced to a huge new audience – but it seems some men have had difficulty getting her name right.

Last week Slater joked she would need to change her name after SNP MP Pete Wishart name-checked all the debate contributors apart from her, referring to the co-leader as “the Green” in a tweet praising her work during the discussion.

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She replied: “I would henceforth like to be known as ‘The Green’. Will look into deed poll etc. ASAP.”

During a Good Morning Scotland interview today, Alba leader Alex Salmond decided to assign Slater another name as he referred to her as “that lady”.

He complained that she didn’t mention independence during the debate. While Slater doesn’t appear to have specifically used the word independence, she did refer to the concept of a referendum and failing Unionism more than once.

Responding to the criticism, Slater was once again in good humour. “I will henceforth no longer be known as The Green but as That Lady. Please do not reveal my real identity to anyone.”

A few commenters in the replies suggested Slater combine the two to That Green Lady, which would certainly be memorable on a ballot paper. Although it is now beyond the Electoral Commission deadline, so Slater might have a bit of bother with that.

Listeners were unhappy with Salmond’s language, with some users calling it “disrespectful”.

Wishart was also under fire last week for his “The Green” comment. However, the MP pointed out that he said nothing derogatory about the Greens co-leader and that the SNP and Greens are "allies in the storm" ahead of the campaign for Holyrood.