A NEW poll on independence for Scotland has put Yes in the lead – and suggests Holyrood is set for a pro-indy “supermajority”.

The Panelbase research, for the Sunday Times, put the SNP on track to win a majority of one in May’s election, with other Yes parties set to gain.

The poll found the Greens are on course to gain two seats on the regional list, while Alex Salmond’s Alba Party was forecast to win six.

The results would give pro-independence parties 79 of the Scottish Parliament’s 129 seats, ramping up the pressure on Boris Johnson to agree to a second referendum.

The study also put support for independence at 51%, once undecided voters are excluded. It is the fourth poll in a row to put Yes in the lead. Some 54% of Scots want indyref2 to be held in the next five years, within the next Scottish parliamentary term, according to the research.

In the constituency ballot, the SNP were backed by 49% of respondents, the Tories 22%, Labour 20%, LibDems 6% and Greens 2%.

On the regional list, the SNP were on 39%, Tories 21%, Labour 17%, Greens 8%, Alba 6% (+6) and LibDems 5%. George Galloway’s All for Unity were also backed by 4% of those surveyed.

Seat projections are: SNP 65 (+2), Tories 24 (-7), Labour 20 (-4), Greens 8 (+2), Alba 6 (+6), LibDems 5 (no change), All for Unity 1 (+1).

Professor John Curtice said Panelbase’s results were “good news” for Alba, but a drop of just 2% in support would mean they would fall to one MSP.

The polling expert said: “Alba may be on the cusp of recording a creditable performance and coming away largely empty-handed.

“Although most of the seats the party could win with a 6% tally look as though they would be secured at the expense of the Unionist parties, our projection suggests that a couple might otherwise have been won by the SNP or the Greens.

“Even with an estimated 49% of the constituency vote, that is not a possibility the SNP will regard with equanimity.

“Such a result in the constituencies could still leave the party a seat short of an overall majority and reliant on winning a vital list seat to achieve what has come to be regarded as a crucial target.”

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He added that despite Nicola Sturgeon’s “both votes SNP” call, 9% of SNP backers in the constituency vote indicated they would vote Alba on the list and as many as 10% would opt for the Scottish Greens on the list.

He continued: “Alba is appealing to a section of the nationalist movement that wants a rapid timetable for indyref2 and which still admires Salmond.

“As many as 70% of Alba supporters want a referendum within 12 months compared with 48% of SNP list voters and 35% of Green voters.

“While 93% of those who back Alba believe that Salmond is ‘a fit person to stand for election’, only 13% of SNP supporters and 15% of Green voters take the same view.

“Salmond’s personality has enabled him to create a new party out of nothing.

“However, it may now also constrain what the party can hope to achieve.”

The SNP said the poll demonstrates why voters must give the party both votes if they want to re-elect an SNP government and Sturgeon as First Minister.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “This is the most important election in Scotland’s history – every single vote will count, and this poll shows that giving anything less than both votes to the SNP means gambling with Scotland’s future.

“These serious times require serious leadership, and people across the country can put their trust in the experience of Sturgeon as we move through the pandemic and towards a strong, secure recovery.

“The SNP will keep working for every single vote and putting forward bold, progressive policies to improve lives across Scotland – including a National Care Service, 100,000 affordable homes and doubling the Scottish Child Payment to £20 a week.

“Only giving both votes to the SNP can re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and ensure that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands.”

Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said: “We have only just begun to make our case, but Alba is already registering as the standard bearer of the independence #Supermajority.

“The reality that voting SNP on the list is the ultimate wasted vote is starting to cut through. And therefore Alba is gaining ground.

“In a single week Alba has overtaken the Liberal Democrats, a party which has been around for 150 years, in both membership and poll ratings.

“A week is a long time in politics. And for the Unionist parties the next five weeks shall be a political eternity.”