THE Prime Minister is among several top Tory figures to be savaged in a new memoir from a former MP.

Sir Alan Duncan, who stepped down at the 2019 election, was Boris Johnson’s deputy during his time at the Foreign Office.

In his new book of diaries, The Thick Of It, Duncan slams Johnson as a “clown” and an “embarrassing buffoon”.

The Daily Mail is currently serialising the diaries, starting today with the criticism of the Tory leader.

Duncan claims he rowed with Johnson over a report on how diplomats treat him as an “international joke”.

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Johnson is said to have asked: “Why don’t they take me seriously?”. In response, Duncan says he told the then foreign secretary to “look in the f****** mirror”.

Duncan writes that the Prime Minister knew nothing about Brexit and it was his “blatant self-serving ambition” that led him to the Leave camp.

A 2016 book on the EU referendum, written by Tim Shipman of the Sunday Times, said Johnson had written a newspaper column praising the bloc just two days before he revealed he would campaign to Leave.

He wrote that Brexit could cause economic shock, lead to Scottish independence and Russian aggression, Shipman said.

The National:

In Duncan’s diaries, Priti Patel (above) is also described as a “nothing person, a complete and utter nightmare”, while Theresa May was called a “frightened rabbit, a cardboard cut-out”.

Michael Gove, who has held a range of senior positions but is currently Cabinet Office minister, is also slammed as a “whacky weirdo”.