NIGEL Farage has said he and Alex Salmond are “very similar”, claiming the new Alba Party could be a “breakthrough” moment for Scottish independence.

The former Ukip leader – who has form for April Fool's jokes – said that if Salmond’s party moves away from the SNP’s pro-EU stance it could be a “game-changer” for the Yes movement.

Just yesterday Farage wrote in The Telegraph, saying he has “little in common” with the former Scottish First Minister.

He called Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon “EU fanatics” who “misleadingly” tell voters Scotland can achieve true independence.

The National:

Farage’s intervention in the debate should send alarm bells ringing, as it would not be the first time the Brexiteer has used April 1 to trick voters.

In 2016 he joked he would be joining the official campaign to keep Britain in the EU. Though most followers picked up on the prank, others called him a “traitor” and were furious.

Speaking to The Times, Farage said: "We are very similar, Alex and I.

“In terms of moving the dial, this could deliver the breakthrough.

“Alex is free to talk purely about [Scottish] independence — not EU dependence, but separation. Totally unencumbered by the discourse on health or education or the day-to-day electoral tropes.

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“If Alex moves the policy programme onto negotiations about an independent Scotland aligned to a UK single market, as opposed to Nicola’s EU single market … then I think that will be the game-changer going into this Holyrood election and the next Westminster General Election. As soon as Alex crosses that Rubicon, intellectually, the whole argument for Scottish independence becomes coherent.”

Meanwhile, former SNP MP and Alba candidate Kenny MacAskill (below) hinted at what the Alba Party’s position on the EU could be.

“We are strategically positioned now to seek Efta, EEA membership,” he said, adding Alba would allow for an eventual referendum on rejoining the EU.

The National:

Salmond’s new party will be standing on the list only and hopes to achieve a “supermajority” for Scottish independence.

Last night the party announced it had met it aim of standing four candidates on every list, with 18 female and 14 male candidates.

“This is a thrilling list with a depth of talent, diversity and experience which I am proud to lead into the election,” Salmond commented.