The National:

IT’S fair to say few people are naming the Scottish Tories as the winner of the BBC Leaders Debate.

Douglas Ross succeeded where no-one else has in recent months – uniting Scotland’s political leaders, and a good chunk of the audience.

Unfortunately for the Conservative leader, he managed to unite them in condemnation of him.

He was told to “grow up” by Anas Sarwar, informed he had his facts wrong by Nicola Sturgeon and panned by a young audience member.

Fortunately for Ross, he can rely on the support of the boffins back at Scottish Tory HQ.

Even his predecessor had his back, with a tweet that was only six years and four months wide of the mark.

Jackson Carlaw posted: “Don't forget Nicola Sturgeon has been First Minister for 14 years. She leads one of the most powerful devolved governments in the world.

“It's grudge and grievance rather than delivery.”

The SNP’s Mhairi Hunter replied: “It's not our memories at fault here.”

David Hooks added: “I know it might FEEL like 14 years for you, but it's actually only been since 2014. Oh, and since we're in a parliament that couldn't even have its vote to not have its powers removed or be taken out of the EU against its will the ‘most powerful’ line simply won't work.”

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Murdo Fraser had an ambitious stab at deflecting negative attention towards the First Minister. But he seemingly forgot the one thing that has come to dominate everyone’s daily existence since news reports started coming out of Wuhan early last year.

He tweeted: “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of tonight’s debate was how poor @NicolaSturgeon was. Almost like she was distracted by something going on in the background.”

And of course there was Ruth Davidson, with a post that was definitely written by her, and not a random Scottish Tory tweet generator.

"Strong performance tonight by @Douglas4Moray," she wrote. "The only leader to really stand up to the SNP, call out Sturgeon's record, speak up for the UK & against another divisive referendum."

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Again, the reception was somehwat frosty.

Paul Carnahan replied: "This is the political equivalent of your mum saying you were great in the school nativity play when you know everyone saw you forget your one line and then wee yourself."

At least Ross can console himself with the knowledge that he wasn't the only Scottish Tory who had a disastrous evening.