A SCOTS fine art studio established more than a century ago has kept ahead of the coronavirus curve and shared its work with the world, thanks to a virtual tour pioneer.

Dovecot Studios, in Edinburgh’s former Infirmary Street baths, was founded in 1912 and is a renowned centre for contemporary art, craft and design. It has now harnessed the latest technology to keep visitors flocking in – virtually – and raising vital funds to safeguard Dovecot’s future.

Director Celia Joicey said a collaboration with Michelle Milnes and her 360 Virtual Studios helped them adapt to the pandemic: “The collaboration with 360 Virtual Studios highlights what is possible when creative people collaborate to overcome the odds. Instead of despairing about the closure, we’ve brought our building to life in new ways for an international audience at home.”

Milnes added: “Frankly, the results so far with Dovecot have been nothing short of stunning.”