AN artist has recreated Olympic sports on a tiny small-scale using sweets, cocktail sticks – and tiny two-centimetre figurines.

Photographer David Gilliver, 41, named the series The Mini-Olympics. He re-imagines 10 sporting events using objects you’d find at home.

This includes macaroni hurdles and a linguine vault, capturing tiny sportspeople competing with bits of pasta.

The 400m Sweet Style shows a swimming race taking place between barriers made of candy beads threaded on to sticks of dried spaghetti.

Gilliver created this set during the most recent lockdown on a small desk at his home in Gartcosh, Glasgow.

He said: “At the start of 2021, I felt strongly compelled to create a new series of photographs in our house that depicted figurines on tiny expeditions and going on holidays as an escape and to help lighten the mood a little.

“Add to that the repeated delays with the Olympics, and so I decided that if the Olympics wouldn’t come to me then I would create my own miniature series of events.”

His list of ingredients for the set included macaroni, spaghetti, asparagus, candy bracelets, linguine, polenta, candy sprinkles, blue M&Ms and a Kinder bar.

He added: “My weekly shops were interesting. All I could think about during that fortnight was what might make a decent prop for my next scene! Anything that got used in the scenes and avoided glue was either put back in its packet (for use later) or eaten!”