The National:

NICOLA Sturgeon did not break the ministerial code. That was the conclusion of an independent inquiry conducted by James Hamilton over the course of two years.

Although it was paused during Alex Salmond’s trial, where he was acquitted of all charges, and again during the first wave of the Covid pandemic, Hamilton’s investigation has been ongoing since Sturgeon referred herself for investigation in January 2019.

That report concluded that Sturgeon had not breached the ministerial code, a conclusion the First Minister gratefully hailed as “comprehensive, evidence-based and unequivocal”.

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Nevertheless, a lot of Unionists have already pinned their colours to the mast.

They’ve been calling for Sturgeon to resign for weeks, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to stop now.

One such group of Unionists call themselves The Majority. The group’s website says it is “Scotland’s leading anti-Nationalist media” and it claims to have “almost 50,000 social media followers”.

Its Twitter currently has 14,300 followers and its Facebook has around 6700.

Around 480 of those donated to the group’s “Let's put up billboards!” campaign, which raised almost £12,000.

That money has been used to pay for a plane to fly over Glasgow and Edinburgh centres towing a “Resign Sturgeon” banner, and three billboards, one each in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

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Now, it’s been used to pay for a van carrying the same message. The only issue is, they don’t seem to have worked out how to spell the First Minister’s name.

When residents of Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency began spotting the van around their streets this morning, they noticed a pretty glaring spelling error.

When The Majority proudly posted photos of the van to their social media, that spelling error was still glaringly apparent.

The National:

“Resign Sturegon”, it read.

They must have fixed it at some point though, as more recent photographs show.

The Majority is run by Mark and Mary Devlin, with the former planning to run for Holyrood with George Galloway's Alliance for Unity. 

With the election just six weeks away, they'll be hoping their campaigning is better than their spelling.