MEMBERS of the committee investigating the handling of harassment complaints against former First Minister Alex Salmond who have shown the process “contempt” should consider their positions and should not be candidates for re-election on May 6, according to the co-leader of the Scottish Green party.

Patrick Harvie urged all MSPs to call on the members of the committee who have leaked details of evidence and conclusions to the media to “take responsibility” for their actions.

The news comes in the wake of the publication of the independent review, conducted by Irish lawyer James Hamilton, into whether Nicola Sturgeon breached the ministerial code.

Hamilton found that Sturgeon was not guilty of breaching the code of conduct, with the First Minister welcoming the “comprehensive, evidence-based and unequivocal” conclusions.

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Speaking to BBC Scotland’s Drivetime after the report’s publication, Harvie said it was “very good finally to have a credible source of independent analysis into what’s gone on”.

He said that the reports conclusions meant there was “no case” for supporting the motion of no confidence in the First Minister which the Scottish Conservatives will bring to Holyrood tomorrow.

Harvie added: “The Conservatives should withdraw this [motion] and I hope to goodness that some part of them has the ability to recognise that over the next six weeks Scotland deserves to hear some positive visions about the future of our country instead of this third-rate political theatre.”

The Scottish Green MSP also attacked the harassment complaint committee, which he said had been “entirely compromised”.

Harvie said: “What we’ve been dealing with for weeks and months now is an entirely compromised parliamentary process, where you have MSPs on the inquiry committee standing up and announcing in advance their own conclusions, prejudging the evidence before it’s been heard, and repeatedly leaking both confidential evidence that’s been submitted and then more recently leaking the committee’s own conclusions. Just this weekend leaking the confidential evidence given in private by the original complainers.

The National: Nicola Sturgeon giving evidence to the harassment complaints committeeNicola Sturgeon giving evidence to the harassment complaints committee

“That process has shown utter contempt for those complainers, it’s shown contempt for the rules of parliament, and frankly if we’re debating anybody’s resignation later this week it should be those members of the harassment inquiry committee who have treated the process with such contempt.”

He added: “I have honestly never seen a parliamentary committee process so compromised by the misbehaviour of its own members who seem determined to destroy that committee’s own credibility before it’s even finished its work.”

There are nine MSPs on the harassment complaints committee. Linda Fabiani, who is also convener, Stuart McMillan, Alasdair Allan, and Maureen Watt are the four SNP representatives.

There is also Andy Wightman, who joined as a Green but now sits as an independent, Alex Cole-Hamilton, a LibDem, Jackie Baillie, from Labour, and Murdo Fraser and Margaret Mitchell from the Tory party.

It is not known which of the members has engaged in leaking confidential information to the press.

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Harvie told the BBC: “If the First Minister had been found guilty by the Hamilton report of breaching the code of conduct, I would be calling on her today to consider her position and to take that responsibility that someone in her position should show.

“So I similarly call on all members now to call on those who have breached the rules of our parliament by leaking committee evidence and conclusions. They need to take responsibility, they need to consider their positions, they should not be candidates for re-election in six weeks’ time.”

He added: “Trust has been damaged in the process and that needs to be restored. We fundamentally need to see some responsibility from the MSPs who have treated this process with such contempt.”

The committee’s report has not yet been published, although it is expected early tomorrow morning.

A leak over the weekend suggested that the MSPs had voted by 5 to 4 that Sturgeon had broken the ministerial code. It has been reported that this vote was along party lines, with the independent Wightman being the deciding voice.