AN SNP MSP's office has been vandalised, with the word "resign" written on the building's front door.

Ben Macpherson, the party's minister for rural affairs, took to Twitter to urge people to engage in "respectful dialogue" after the incident.

He said: "I’m sad to say that my office has been vandalised & I’m spending this afternoon cleaning it off. Offline & online, I think we all - political parties, the media, everyone - should try to engage in respectful dialogue, despite our disagreements, & dial it down a bit."

Macpherson told The National he has now painted over the graffiti.

Michael Russell, Scotland's constitutional affairs secretary, hit out at the photo, saying: "We are right alongside you. This is what results from the type of atmosphere created in the last few months and needs to be rejected by all of us. It has no place in democratic politics."

SNP MSP and SNP councillor Rob Munn also spoke out.

Ian Blackford, the party's Westminster leader, said politics should "have a foundation of respect an decency".

Fellow SNP MSPs James Dornan and Clare Haughey also showed their support for the minister.

Tory MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston also added: “Sorry to see this, Ben. Whether we agree or disagree on certain issues, it’s totally unacceptable that this kind of thing appears to being increasing.

“Politicians and their staff should not have to face it.”