GEORGE Galloway has endorsed a message from an Alliance for Unity (A4U) member comparing the SNP to Nazis.

A4U leader Jamie Blackett said the Holocaust-referencing allegations made by Christian McNeill showed why they were “proud” to have her as part of their party.

The news comes as the Alliance for Unity (A4U) party launched their bid to win Unionist list votes and send MSPs to Holyrood to block a second independence referendum.

McNeill, who calls herself a “transformational coach” on her website, wrote on March 17: “This quote by @jconnollybooks reminds me of the sh*t show that is Scotland under the SNP: ‘Patriots built Auschwitz. You start believing that ‘my country wrong or right’ sh*t, and it always ends up at the same place: a pit filled with bones.’

“Vote them out before the pit is dug.”

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Galloway offered a strong endorsement of McNeill’s post, calling it the “Tweet of Any Day” as he reshared it to his 366,000 followers.

Galloway often reshares posts calling them the “Tweet of the Day”. His endorsement of McNeill seemed to go a step further.

Blackett, the A4U leader, also reshared the post, adding: “That's why we are proud to have former advocate and tribunal judge @Christian_McN as an @Alliance4Unity candidate. #changeiscoming.”

Galloway shared another Nazi-themed post in response to the announcement of the renationalisation of Scotland’s railways.

The tweet shared by Galloway read: “Nationalism and trains George, is that wise?” alongside a photograph of Nazi officers outside the train carriage in which Adolf Hitler demanded the French sign their surrender on June 22, 1940.

The National: It is not the first time members of the A4U have compared the SNP to Nazis, with David Griffiths, a candidate on the West of Scotland list, having shared a post calling Nicola Sturgeon a “fascist dictator” early this year.

Griffiths also liked a post that referenced the Holocaust, asking in an independent Scotland: “What sort of badge will Unionists have to wear to identify them? A lot of options have already been used by another nationalist party.”

McNeill has also shared articles on Twitter, written by Inform Scotland’s Christine Padgham, which question the need for a lockdown and the truth of the government’s Covid testing figures.

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The article McNeill shared on March 15 claims that the UK’s testing programme is “generating a mirage of more Covid than really exists” due to the high number of false positives associated with PCR testing.

In fact, it claims “the majority of positives are false”.

It also suggests the only reason there is high death rates from Covid for people in care homes and hospitals is because those groups are already high-mortality, and coronavirus is not the primary cause of death.

Padgham’s Inform Scotland website has previously been labelled “misinformation” by top health experts including Professor Linda Bauld and Independent Sage’s Dr Stephen Reicher.

Bauld previously told The National that claims of false positives among PCR tests are a common refrain in Covid misinformation. However, she said these claims are untrue and PCR tests are the internationally recognised “gold-standard” of Covid testing.

Reicher said the website engages in "anti-science, it’s profoundly dangerous and in the end it does cost lives".

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Galloway has also recently come under heavy fire for "race-baiting" on Twitter.

The A4U man tweeted that Humza Yousaf, one of Scotland's only two MSPs from a minority background, was "not a Celt" like him.

The tweet was condemned as "gutter, dog-whistle" politics by SNP president Michael Russell.

The Alliance for Unity have been contacted for comment.