SEAN Connery’s ashes are to be scattered in St Andrews, his family has announced.

The James Bond star died in the Bahamas in October aged 90. He was cremated in a private service in the Caribbean country, but his remains are to be scattered in Scotland this summer.

The actor’s son, Jason, told STV News that the family holds fond memories of St Andrews.

He said: “I have memories of St Andrews always being sunny. It wasn’t, but we had special times there.

“He was a member of the R&A [golf’s governing body in the UK] so I think probably that might be the place.”

Jason, who is an actor and producer, made the announcement as he was interviewed about becoming a patron of the Scottish Youth Film Foundation.

The National:

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He explained his father’s death has prompted an outpouring of goodwill and nostalgia.

“My father was my dad, but to many people he was this big superstar,” Jason said.

“So many people have stories of things he did that I never knew about – and those were really moving to me.”

Referencing the fact his father was a milkman before making it on the silver screen, Jason added: “He went to school with about five million people and he delivered milk to at least five million people.”

Jason, 58, is also the son of actress Diane Cilento and says film was an integral part of his upbringing.

“I remember when I was younger and my parents would have a party,” he said.

“I would sit round the side of the door listening to them all telling their stories. I suppose in a way that was all influential for sure.”

The Scottish Youth Film Foundation charity aims to use the industry to improve young people’s lives and give them opportunities.

As well as appointing Jason as patron, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Fifth Element producer Iain Smith has joined as president.

Jason commented: “The Scottish Youth Film Foundation is something I think has that possibility for kids to go ‘I can do that and I can tell my stories. I think I’m good and I think I’m good enough’.”