A SCOT has been locked up in a Barcelona jail for more than a fortnight without charge after being arrested during a demonstration supporting a jailed rapper.

William Aitken works in the Catalan capital and lives in the St Antoni area of Barcelona, where he has a local partner. His brother also lives in the city.

The UK Foreign Office said it has been in touch with him.

Aitken was arrested on February 17 as protests in support of rapper Pablo Hasel, who was jailed for nine months over lyrics criticising Spain’s monarchy and allegedly glorifying terrorism.

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During the demonstrations police arrested a number of people, some of whom were described as “French and Italian anarchists”, suspected of looting shops.

It is not known on what charges Aitken is being held, but one Scot living in Catalonia, told us: “It could be Mr Aitken just had bad luck getting nicked whilst holding a foreign passport when they are desperate to pin this on someone.”

Aitken is in what Spain calls “pre-trial detention” because he is regarded as a flight risk, despite having made his home in Catalonia.

Catalonia’s independence leaders spent many months incarcerated in this way before they were eventually brought to trial over the 2017 independence push.

Details about Aitken are scarce, but some Catalan political groups highlighted his arrest on social media last night, urging readers to write to him at the prison –  Brians 1 (Modul 5). AC 1000, 08760 Martorell Catalonia.

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) told The National: “We are assisting a British man following his arrest in Barcelona and are in contact with the Spanish authorities”