MORE than 7600 people have joined the SNP following Nicola Sturgeon’s eight-hour evidence session in front of Holyrood’s harassment committee, the party has said. 

Social media has been awash with reports of a membership surge in recent days. Many of those who signed up appeared to be rejoining. 

Jane Chalmers tweeted: "I have actually done it!! I am now ex-Labour member and have joined the SNP ...bring on Independence".

Paul Sneddon said: "I just joined the SNP! Sick to the back teeth of the clear disparity shown be the media in alleged breaking of ministerial code, what is going on at Westminster beggars belief, yet all the eyes on Nicola Sturgeon."

Caroline Morrison said: "Wow!!!!! I can’t believe it. After years of disagreement,  my sister has joined the SNP. So happy. Now if I can persuade her to support independence????"

Alexx McArthur tweeted: "I've just rejoined The SNP because the only thing that matters to me right now is stopping the bastarding Tories from governing Scotland, and us taking our independence back"

Marc MacDhùgaill added: "I just joined the SNP. After the way they tried to go after Nicola today, I decided it's time to join the campaign."

Stephen Barlow said he'd been outside the party 32 years but joined up after the evidence session.

"I don't need a perfect leader or to agree with all her views but I stand with @NicolaSturgeon. Time to pick a side. Join me!"

Keith Brown, the SNP’s campaign director, said the membership surge was a boost for the party ahead of May’s Scottish Parliament election.

"In nine weeks, Scotland goes to the polls in the most important Scottish election in our lifetime."

He described the membership boost as a "great way to start" the campaign.

"On May 6, together we can show Boris Johnson, and the world, that Scotland’s votes matters, and our voice will be heard.

"Post-pandemic we can put into action our plans to recover, restore and rebuild.

"Plans that include gaining the full powers of an independent Scotland needed to create a country that’s fairer, a nation that truly cares."