The National:

FOR us in Scotland, the First Minister’s appearance before the Holyrood Committee on the Handling of Harassment Complaints has been a long time coming.

The constant delays and setbacks have only served to increase the feeling of tension, which was only partly released by Alex Salmond’s own appearance last week.

It was around then that the UK media started paying attention, and Sky News apparently hasn’t really done so even now.

For anyone who watched last week, or has read any one of the countless stories around the committee’s 13 meetings before that stretching back well into last year, the committee convener may be a familiar figure.


Linda Fabiani, the SNP MSP who will be stepping down this year, will have already been a recognisable face to many, considering she has sat in the Scottish parliament since it was created.

Not to Sky News though, who seem to have her confused with another member of the Holyrood committee of which she is convener.

As the channel broadcast the committee hearing Nicola Sturgeon give evidence, it assured us that Tory MSP Margaret Mitchell was in fact SNP MSP Linda Fabiani.

The National:

Not just once either, but across several appearances.

If only there was some clue as to who the committee convener is. Maybe they should have signs in front of them telling us who they are, like the First Minister does.

Trouble is, they do. Sky News's own feed showed this.

The National:

Perhaps this problem stems from the UK media only paying any real attention to Scottish politics when it thinks there may be a scandal on...