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WE’VE all experienced that horrible feeling of cringe when you look back on something embarrassing you did in your past.

It’s likely just a little Freudian slip or a misstep that no-one else even remembers, but sometimes it jumps into your head and keeps you awake and night.

For George Galloway, that feeling must be strong right now. Unfortunately for the Alliance for Unity (A4U) man, it’s embarrassing things he’s doing in the present that are the issue.

Galloway sent Twitter into a bit of a frenzy over the weekend after he announced his intention to vote Conservative as part of his drive to keep the United Kingdom together.

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He wrote on the social media platform: “I’m voting #Tory with my first vote for the incumbent MSP. And then for myself and [other A4U candidates] on the list. Now THAT is @Alliance4Unity”

How awkward then are Galloway’s previous comments.

On October 3, 2018 he wrote: “Me?? Vote Tory??? I’d sooner poke my eyes out mate.”

Given that his vote has to be cast by May 6, Galloway doesn't have long to live up to his word.

In 2014, in an interview with Prospect Magazine, he said: “If you ever see me standing under a Union Jack shoulder-to-shoulder with a Conservative, please shoot me.”

That same year in an interview with the London School of Economic’s blog, Galloway said he would "never" work with Tories.

Not short on dramatics, he said: “I hate the Union Jack, I hate flag wavers. My flag is red. I don’t stand under national flags, if I can help it. And I would never work with Tories.

“I hate Tories. With every beat of my heart I hate them more, so why would I campaign with them?”

Apparently to try and stop Scottish independence is the answer to that question.

But his newly found appreciation of Conservatives isn’t the only change of heart Galloway’s had of late.

On February 23, Galloway responded on Facebook to news that some were put off A4U by the red, white and blue in its logo (which incidentally is being investigated by the RAF for unauthorised use).

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Dismissing the concerns, Galloway wrote: “We are not ashamed of our country’s flag.

“Citizens of other states wave their flags, proudly. Why should the people of Britain not be proud of their state?”

How furious the George Galloway of 2017 must make him.

Back then he wrote: “My flag is red, not blue and white, still less red white and blue. I don’t give a toss about ‘nations’.”

Today, following the social media storm, Galloway proudly announced that actually he had sacrificed all his principles in the name of the United Kingdom. Just like a true patriot.

He wrote: “Grateful thanks to all the Natz and Trotz [nationalists and Trotskyites] who got me trending last night.

“With one bound we got out to a huge audience our key policy: In Scotland vote for the best-placed pro-Union challenger to the SNP. Then give your List Vote to @Alliance4Unity #TacticalVoting #UseTheHeid”

Galloway then retweeted this under an hour later to really hammer it home.

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Responding to Galloway’s news, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf wrote: “In the immortal words of Groucho Marx: These are my principles, if you don't like them I have others.”

Galloway was furious. He hit back: “Hey gutless coward, why didn’t you tag me? Have you no decency? @Alliance4Unity.”

Galloway then retweeted his own offering under an hour later.

The fact that he also didn’t tag the Justice Secretary in that attack apparently went over the new Tory voter’s head.

The fact that Yousaf probably did it to avoid giving A4U the oxygen of publicity, Galloway probably understood. He was more annoyed about that than the actual content of the attack we imagine.

Galloway’s voting Tory is a clever ploy, apparently, and the joke’s on us. Tactical voting is good now. Ignore that he said in 2017 that telling Labour voters to vote Tory was “treason”. Galloway is always right. Now he’s right-wing too.