A FAR-RIGHT group that wants to see all non-whites out of the UK is recruiting in Scotland, an undercover investigation from The Ferret can reveal.

Set up by Mark Collett in 2019, Patriotic Alternative (PA) is trying to attract members by offering camping trips and paint-gun sessions to “build communities” and recently posted images of members hiking in Scotland.

The Ferret has seen hundreds of messages after a group called Antifascist Research Collective infiltrated PA’s private Telegram group – which has around 60 members, containing individuals who have been members of, or expressed support for a number of other far-right organisations, such as the Scottish Defence League, neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour and the BNP.

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One of the most extreme members of PA uses the name Iron Thunder, who describes himself as a “British National Socialist” and runs another neo-Nazi Telegram channel where he posts extreme content. In one post he superimposed computer graphics on to footage of the 2019 terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which 51 people were killed by a white supremacist.

Another by the name of Lt. Ted, identified by The Ferret as Shaun McAlonan, includes images of a wooden pole with a drawing of the Celtic cross – a symbol adopted by white supremacicts. “I call this the ‘Red Remover’ club,” McAlonan wrote alongside the image – with “red” being a term used to describe those with left-wing politics.

In a now-deleted Twitter account with the username Lt. Ted, McAlonan shared a screenshot of showing he had passed a medical questionnaire for an army reserve. He had also been invited to an open night for the Tayforth University Officers’ Training Corps. This is an army reserve unit that recruits students from St Andrews University, Dundee University, Abertay University and Stirling University. McAlonan deleted his Facebook account after we contacted him for a comment.

Campaign group Hope Not Hate said PA operate under the “delusion that they can unite the many antagonistic strands of the UK far right”.

A PA spokesperson said: “We at Patriotic Alternative would like to thank you for the free advertising you’ll be giving us in [sic] Sunday. It’s a shame however that no one reads your drivel and regarding a quote... we don’t deal with anti-white scum!.”

McAlonan added: “I can confirm that the information you have is no longer relevant as I’m no longer a student at the university or have any involvement with the military.”