AN international drag performer from Greenock is busy starring on a world-famous TV show - but can't wait to come back to Inverclyde for a night out.

Ross McCorkell, known as Rosé, has been impressing on RuPaul's Drag Race, hosted by RuPaul Charles, and is in the running to 'snatch the crown' on the popular programme.

The performer - who now lives in New York - thrilled audiences taking to the stage clad in a bagpipe-themed costume whilst singing in a Scottish accent.

The 31-year-old was born in Greenock before moving Stateside with parents Matt and Heather and siblings Lewis and Beth at the age of 10 and insists Inverclyde will always be home.

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Rosé said: "My whole family are from Inverclyde, my parents grew up here and we moved to Aberdeen before eventually going to Texas.

"My mum, dad and I have still got our Scottish accents, although my siblings can go between as they were a bit younger when we moved to America.

"Before coronavirus, we'd try to come back annually to visit family - we've still got relatives all over Inverclyde and Largs.

"It makes me so happy to come home as I'm so proud of my roots.

"Being Scottish has shaped my humour and I love to integrate my heritage into my drag looks."

The proud performer has been doing drag for around three and a half years and regularly headlines London Pride.

Rosé told the Greenock Telegraph: "Growing up as a queer man it was a struggle, and while I was a performer I was attracted to drag as it unites people and really gave me that confidence.

"It's amazing my fellow Scots Lawrence Chaney and Ellie Diamond are absolutely killing it on UK Drag Race just now.

The National:

"Both are amazing and I can't wait until it is safe to come over and perform with them.

"It's bringing it into the mainstream and I hope we inspire those who might feel lost within themselves.

"It's empowering and I love nothing more than making people laugh.

"Drag unites people and I'm so blessed to have been given this platform, if I was a wee boy and had seen someone like me on the television I might have had an easier time."

Rosé, who also is part of trio Stephanie's Child with fellow drag performers Jan Sport and Lagoona Bloo, says she might have some other Scottish tricks up her sleeve if she makes it further into the competition that could see her scoop a $100,000 cash prize.

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The New Yorker, who draws inspiration from female stand-up comics, added: "My Scottish representation doesn't stop with the bagpipe costume - there might be another few heritage-inspired pieces in my suitcase.

"I've previously performed to some Annie Lennox numbers - I don't shy away from where I came from.

"As soon as I can I plan to come back home ans my first stop will be my favourite place, Café Continental in Gourock, before hopefully performing in Glasgow.

"This whole experience is absolutely crazy and I'm so grateful to be part of the RuPaul's Drag Race family.

"But, regardless of where life takes me, Inverclyde will always have a special place in my heart."