GORDON Ramsay has appalled residents of a Scottish town after branding it a “s***hole”.

The celebrity chef made the comment in an episode of his new BBC One quiz show, Bank Balance, which will air tonight.

The outburst comes as Ramsay, who was born in Renfrewshire, responds to a contestant who says Falkirk is one of the “five cities in Scotland”.

The quiz host replies: “I was born in Scotland. Falkirk is not a city. It’s a s***hole, I swear to God.”

The remark has enraged local residents, including SNP MSP Angus MacDonald and Radio Clyde 2 DJ Ewen Cameron.

The parliamentarian said Ramsay “requires to have his mouth washed out with soap”.

He commented: “Despite that, I’m sure he’d receive a warm and hospitable welcome from folks here. Gordon clearly hasn’t had the opportunity to experience all that Falkirk district has to offer.

“As one of Scotland’s rising tourism hot-spots, it has plenty to offer – from Blackness Castle and Kinneil House to the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel.”

Cameron went further, branding the TV chef a "cheeky bawbag". 

He said: “I have lived in Falkirk for 18 years and it has an incredible community. It’s quiet and safe, a great place to raise a family.

“This is an amazing wee town. Gordon needs to publicly apologise to the community he’s insulted.”

The radio DJ added: “In language that Gordon will understand – what a cheeky bawbag."

The first episode of Gordon Ramsay's new game show aired last night on BBC One.

It's the first of three episodes which will air this week at 9pm – the second and third episodes will air today (Thursday, February 25) and Friday (February 26), with six further episodes coming up over the next couple of weeks.