The National:

TO many observers, it seems like the debate over the Scottish Government’s handling of complaints against Alex Salmond has rumbled on for donkey’s.

But has it really been going on for more than a century?

That was the question BBC viewers were asking themselves last night after a comical mishap in Newsnight’s programme about the ongoing inquiry.

Special correspondent Allan Little gave a brief overview of the story so far.

Narrating the report, he said: “In January 1918, the Scottish Government began an investigation after two women civil servants complained about Alex Salmond."

He then compounded the error in a shot to camera: “In March that year, Alex Salmond complained that the investigation was unfair, he wasn’t given the chance to defend himself. The Scottish Government carried on regardless.

“So he brought his case here, to the law courts.”

We know the case has dragged on a bit, but 100 years seems slightly over the top.