SCOTTISH independence is about being a country that can run its own affairs both economically and socially.

Why would the people of Scotland want to earn money and give it to their neighbour for them to decide how much we will get back.

Scotland has a wealth of resources and could use these for the benefit of the people who live here. People who actually love the country and want it to be their home, whether it's short term or long term.


My heart is in Scotland and I love to go to the hills especially the West Coast and get a real feel of the country.

I would love to see Scotland go to the polling stations and get someone they voted for to make decisions in their country. Currently this is not the case as Westminster has a large say on a lot of matters relating to Scotland.

The National: Susan says she feels 'at one with Scotland' in this photoSusan says she feels 'at one with Scotland' in this photo

Scotland can be a forward thinking country and not be held back by the ideas and attitudes of Westminster.

I find it hard to understand why Scots say they are “proud Scots” but do not want independence. They claim we would not manage and need England. I'm not sure that the words “proud” and “unable to manage” can be said in the same sentence. Proud of what exactly? Is that the best they think their country can do? I find that quite sad.

Could they ask themselves, if we are being subsidised then why is Westminster so desperate to keep us? Surely they would want rid of the financial burden if that was the case.


I live in Aberdeen and saw people come for oil jobs then leave after the downturn. People who used the city and left. For being the oil capital of Europe, the city is in a terrible state. An independent Scotland could have invested the money like all other oil rich countries both large and small. It could have invested it for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

The future of Scotland could be in Scotland's hands. How amazing would that be.

To build on our resources and be all we can be. A country people want to visit or make a home in. The chance to flourish and grow.

I was born in London with Scottish parents so effectively I'm English. However, at times I feel more Scottish than some Scots. I embrace the country and travel around making the most of what is on offer. I would love Scotland to be independent and improve on the amazing country that it already is.


Community nurse, Aberdeen