A TEXAN teacher trapped at home by the state’s severe snow storm has been sharing the names of Scotland’s gritters on TikTok. 

The US has seen deadly freezing winds, ice and snow lead to widespread power cuts in Texas, with Joe Biden approving a state of emergency earlier this week.

Texas saw its temperatures drop to some of the coldest seen in 30 years, reaching -18C on Sunday.

The extreme weather and the following chaos led TikTok user @thechildrenareverywhere, also known as Beccah Rosalie to stay home.

During her time there she discovered Scotland’s famous gritter names – and was highly amused.

“Hi, I’m a Texan trapped in what you would probably consider a mild winter storm,” she shared in a video on the app. “And while the power’s on this round I have some information to share. I promise it’s important.”

The teacher revealed she had discovered the tracker for Scotland’s innovatively named gritters and was enjoying watching them.

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“There were some names that were obviously not submitted to a committee,” she joked.

She filmed the tracker, zooming in to reveal the names of each gritter. “Let’s start off with Gangsta Granny Gritter, followed by Frosty, Mr Plough and Snow Angel.

“Sir-Grits-A-Lot, Gonnae Snow Dae That, Gritly Come Dancing, William Wall-Ice, Granite Gritter, Sprinkles, Oor Chilly, The Great Grittish Flake-Off, Bear Chills!”

In another video a Scottish TikTok user replied questioning her pronunciation of “Gonnae Snow Dae That”.

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Calum Wilson told the user: “Alright as a Scotsman, I do appreciate you at least trying it – put on the accent, we don’t care! But just for the record, Gonnae Snow Dae That.”

Online Beccah’s videos won support from Scots. “Very delighted that Scotland’s gritter names have given a Texan some wholesome comfort during this horrible time,” @slk-writes posted.

“I love that she clearly doesn't get 'Gonnae Snow Dae That', but is still just thrilled,” one user replied.

Scotland’s gritters have won widespread attention thanks to their unusual names. Last year top comic John Oliver paid tribute to the “word-class” vehicles.

The National:

“Grit Expectations, Gritallica, Gritney Spears, Penelope Gritstop, Sir Grits-a-lot, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang. Those are just the grit based names,” Oliver told the Bugle podcast.

“That's just one subsection of excellence. There's also - these are real - Hans Snowlo, I want to Break Freeze, Ready, Spready Go, and Snow Be Gone Kenobi.

“Those are world-class names.”