A PRO-INDEPENDENCE billboard campaign is running in Inverclyde during the same week a Unionist attack ad made headlines in the area.

The anti-independence Scotland Matters group put up an ad criticising the Government’s Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, showing Nicola Sturgeon and the words “Vaccination not separation: Do your job, First Minister”. 
The National:

It was put up on Greenock’s Brougham Street days after it emerged Scotland is vaccinating people at a faster rate than any other European country.

On its website the group stated: “We are happy to team up with Inverclyde ‘Yes to the UK’ campaign to emphasise at this time what should be the priority for the Scottish Government.”

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Yes Inverclyde, a similarly named group with entirely different aims, was stunned to see the campaign in the news.

That was because the pro-independence group also has a new billboard campaign running locally, in nearby Port Glasgow.

The National:

The digital ads are running on the Big Screen beside the A78, encouraging those passing to get a postal vote and make their voices heard on May 6.

Yes Inverclyde’s co-ordinator Mary McGlashan said: “We’d seen the excellent work the Aberdeen Independence Movement were doing to promote postal voting so we thought we’d do something similar locally.”

The National:

Aberdeen Independence Movement has been putting up billboards with help from Believe in Scotland, including designs comparing Boris Johnson to Donald Trump, raising awareness of the UK’s poor state pension and highlighting Brexit’s impact on the Scottish fishing industry.

Yes Inverclyde told The National it is also hoping to adapt some Believe In Scotland billboards with the aim of screening them locally ahead of the Holyrood election.

The National:

McGlashan went on: “The Scottish Independence Foundation has been very supportive. We got a grant from them to add to funds we’d already raised locally which we’re using to ‘campaign in Covid’ using digital ads and magnets on car doors.”

The group added they are looking forward to getting out campaigning properly again once it is safe to do so.