A SCOTTISH Tory councillor who was suspended over Facebook posts, including one comparing not taking a knee for Black Lives Matter to refusing to give a Nazi salute, has resigned from the party.

Colin McGavigan, a councillor in South Lanarkshire, was suspended in June after posting two images – one of a hockey player standing with her hand on her chest as her team mates kneeled, and another, taken in 1936, of a German man alone in a crowd of people giving the salute.

He wrote: “In years to come she’ll be acknowledged as one who didn’t bow to the narrative when it was the easy thing to do.”

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In another post he shared pictures of representations of Mary, Jesus and Joseph from around the world, adding: “I do hope Asian and African countries will be challenged on their portrayals of the Holy Family as he was not oriental and he certainly wouldn’t have been black.”

After his suspension the councillor said: “Of course black lives matter, and all lives matter.”

However he questioned why people take the knee, asking: “What does that actually mean? I just don’t get it.”

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Yesterday McGavigan revealed he has resigned from the Scottish Tories, saying he would now sit as an independent.

“I resigned,” he told the Daily Record. “It went on for five months.

“It went on so long. It was a protest at the party.”

A spokesperson for the party said: “Mr McGavigan resigned while an investigation was under way, which meant it couldn’t be concluded.”