THE latest Scottish independence poll marked yet another milestone for the Yes movement.

Carried out by Savanta ComRes for the Scotsman, it was the 21st consecutive survey to record majority support for Yes.

A total of 1002 adults aged 16 or over were interviewed online between February 4 and 9.

Some 47% of respondents said Scotland should be an independent country, with 42% opposed.

When don’t knows are excluded, 53% backed Yes, while 47% backed No.

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The research also showed the SNP were on track to win a landslide in May’s Holyrood election, with the pro-independence Greens on course to win a record-breaking number of seats.

Now, Savanta ComRes has published more insights from the study. This is what we’ve learned.

Women for indy

In the 2014 referendum, men were more likely to vote Yes than women.

But recent polls have suggested that the trend has been eliminated.

The National:

According to the Savanta ComRes survey, 58% of women would back independence were a referendum to be held tomorrow, when don’t knows are removed.

Noting this trend last year, polling expert Professor John Curtice said: “It may be the case that a narrow majority of men voted Yes in 2014 and either way the No victory appeared to rest heavily on the support of women – who perhaps were more averse to what they considered to be the risks of independence.

“Now, the picture appears to be rather different.”

Youth surge

Support for independence has been consistently high among young Scots in recent years and it seems there’s little prospect of that changing.

But it’s not just the country’s youth that are backing Yes in their droves.

Across all age groups up to the 45-54-year-olds category, a healthy majority are in favour of independence.

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Once undecided voters are removed, support for independence is as follows according to the Savanta ComRes survey: 16-24: 72% 25-34: 66% 35-44: 65% 45-54: 59% 65+: 35%

Cross-party support

The Savanta ComRes poll also shows a wide range of voters back Yes.

The research found particularly interesting results among those who backed Labour and the LibDems in the 2019 General Election.

The National:

Some 34% of Labour voters would choose independence, while 23% of LibDems would do likewise, once undecided voters are excluded.

Unsurprisingly, 89% of SNP voters would back Yes, while just 4% of Conservatives would. Some 44% of voters for other parties would also opt for independence.

Regional breakdown

Support for Scottish independence also seems to be widespread geographically.

The latest research shows there is only one region with a large majority for No, in South Scotland – 63% No compared to 37% Yes, once don’t knows are removed.

It’s closer in the North East (54% No, 46% Yes) and West (53% No, 47% Yes).

But in four of the five other regions cited by the Savanta ComRes pollsters, independence supporters make up the majority, with the other region neck and neck.

Glasgow: 65% Yes Lothian: 62% Highlands/Islands: 56% Central: 55% Mid Scotland and Fife: 50%

To read the results of the poll in full, click here.