LAST month The National and Believe in Scotland launched the Yes Challenge, an initiative aiming to help convert undecided voters over to the independence cause.

As part of the challenge we wanted to get 5000 people to sign the pledge, vowing to nominate somebody who is on the fence about Scotland’s place in the Union.

In return we’re giving signees a code granting 12 weeks’ free access to The National – with no card details required on registration.

Those signing up for the free National subscription will not only have access to the daily newspaper, but we’re also sending them a special new series of 24 articles which build the case for independence.

The National:

As well as that we’re running a series of exclusive virtual events hosted by experts to help answer questions they have on independence.

We successfully hit out 5000 people target, started sending out codes and tomorrow we are launching the Open Minds section of the project.

This is where we’ll directly send the undecided subscribers a special series of 24 articles helping to bring them round to Yes.

We’re excited to go on this journey with undecided voters, and we’re confident we’ll see views change over the next 12 weeks.