SCOTTISH Tory MP Andrew Bowie was furious this afternoon as writer George Monbiot set out the case for independence and branded him part of the “corrupt, dysfunctional Westminster government”.

During a Politics Live segment discussing independence, the MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine refused to respond as the campaigner called out the UK Government.

Political activist Monbiot’s appearance was branded “fantastic” by viewers following the broadcast.

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The guests were discussing Scottish independence following the publication of the 21st consecutive poll to show majority support for leaving the Union.

Monbiot told viewers: “Look, if I lived in Scotland I would want to get out of this chaotic, dysfunctional, corrupt Union as quickly as I could.

“The same applies to Wales, the same applies to Northern Ireland. I can’t see the point of staying in the United Kingdom or being chained to the United Kingdom like a block of concrete as the boat begins to flounder.”

As Bowie made faces, Monbiot continued: “Because the promise given to Scotland was if you stay in the Union you will have stability, if become independent it’ll be chaotic.

“If you stay in the Union you’ll have political choice, you’ll be able to have a stable currency, you’ll be part of something which will allow you to punch above your weight on the global stage, all of that. All of those promises have been busted by Brexit.

“It seems to me that in those straight-forward, instrumental terms, and in ideological terms, Scotland would be much better off out of the United Kingdom and in the European Union, same for Wales, same for reunification in Ireland.”

The National:

The Scottish Tory MP responded angrily, calling Monbiot’s arguments “nonsense”.

He told the activist: “There are one million people in Scotland today who have jobs because Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and the furlough scheme which was supported by the weight of HM Treasury and the Westminster Government stepping in when people most needed it to support them in the darkest days of this pandemic, that shows the strength of the Union in action.

“There are businesses open today in Scotland because of the action taken by the Westminster Government. We are functioning as a country because this Westminster government stood in and took the action required to support Scotland through a very very tough time, the broad shoulders, the four nations working together.

“And to blithely say that we’d be better off and so would Wales and so would a reunified Ireland outside the United Kingdom, frankly is to misunderstand the issue, misunderstand the problems, misunderstand the views of a huge number of Scots who see their home and see their place of belonging as being a part of the United Kingdom, the fifth largest economy in the world and everything that brings in terms of benefits to this country.”

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Presenter Jo Coburn gave Monbiot an opportunity to respond. He told Bowie that while being ruled by Westminster and living in England is bad, being ruled by Westminster and living in Scotland would be “intolerable”.

A still furious Bowie chipped in: “I happen to be speaking from Scotland, living in Scotland right now. So the idea that we’re some sort of – “

Monbiot cut in: “Well you’re part of that. You’re a part of that corrupt, dysfunctional Westminster government, why should you not, why should you feel any differently?”

Bowie replied: “Well I’m not even going to bother responding to that.”

Monbiot has been pro-independence for years, writing in The Guardian ahead of the 2014 referendum that it would be an “astonishing act of self-repudiation and self-harm” for Scotland to vote No.

Today’s Politics Live contribution was welcomed by pro-independence figures online. The SNP’s longest serving MP, Pete Wishart, wrote: “Just fantastic. Every word. The Scottish Tory just doesn’t know what to say …”

MSP Gillian Martin tweeted: “George is RIGHT!”

“Brilliant George! Come for holiday anytime! We'll put you up!!” wrote one Twitter user.

Others called the exchange “priceless” and “spectacular”.