MICHAEL Gove’s Union Unit is hiring new senior staff – but knowledge of Scotland is merely “desirable”, the job advert reveals.

The Cabinet Office cell, tasked with preventing the break up of the UK, has been branded “clueless” after the eyebrow-raising stipulation was spotted in the job description for four “heads of role” posts in the department.

Set up in response to growing support for Scottish independence, the Cabinet Office Union Unit is chaired by Gove and is working in conjunction with another anti-independence group in Number 10.

It’s new job advert describes the unit as “a high-profile team at the very heart of Government” which aims to maintain “the integrity of the United Kingdom”. The roles are available in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

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The listing, posted on ziprecruiter.co.uk, adds: “The Union Directorate is a small, focused team of policy professionals, analysts, comms experts and external secondees with a focus on making the benefits of the Union clear, visible and understood.

“The Union Directorate is responsible for the overall Union strategy, as well as driving delivery across Whitehall and beyond.”

The ad then lists the responsibilities expected to be undertaken by successful candidates, including demonstrating “good political judgment, curiosity and independence of thought”.

At the bottom of that section, the ad states: “Desirable: have understanding of policy issues relevant to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

The National:

That line is symptomatic of arrogance on Downing Street, according to the SNP.

Depute leader Keith Brown said the Union Unit is “clueless” and was “doomed to fail”.

He added: "It reeks of Westminster arrogance that the Tories are willing to hire a senior staff member who lacks a basic understanding of ‘issues relevant to Scotland’.

"The taxpayer shouldn't be paying through the nose for this Tory flag waving exercise.

"Decisions about Scotland should be taken in Scotland – not Whitehall."

The Cabinet Office has been approached for comment.

Last month, Gove’s anti-independence cell came under fire after it emerged the Tory minister had been comparing notes with Gordon Brown on how to save the Union.

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And just last week, Boris Johnson’s pro-Union committee was thrown into chaos after its only Scottish member was sacked.

Luke Graham, the former MP for Ochil and South Perthshire from 2017 to 2019, was relieved of his duties after a “brutal” row upon the Prime Minister’s return from his highly criticised trip to Scotland.

Johnson has repeatedly insisted that Scots don't want a fresh vote on independence, despite 20 polls in a row recording a majority for Yes.

The SNP recently set out their roadmap to a second independence referendum.

It states another vote could be held if a pro-Yes majority is returned to Holyrood in May, regardless of whether a Section 30 order is granted by Westminster. The document explains it would then be for the UK Government to decide if it wanted to try and stop it through the courts.