MANY undecided voters have already joined the Yes Challenge but it’s not too late to commit to a Yes vote in the next referendum.

Set up by The National in tandem with Believe in Scotland, the initiative aims to convince as many undecided voters as possible to back independence.

On Friday every copy of The National had a unique code printed in the paper.

You can email us at for more codes. All we want you to do is give that code to an undecided voter, and ask them to sign up at

This will unlock 12 weeks of free digital news from the paper, a series of exclusive articles tackling the most common roadblocks people face on the road to Yes, and access to some expert-led webinars where inquisitive Maybes can explore the case for Scottish independence.

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Once an undecided voter signs up (no card details required), they will have access to The National’s news stories, columnists, fact-checks and features. They’ll also be sent a new series of 24 articles, written by Believe in Scotland, which will make the case for independence step by step.

Callum Baird, The National’s editor, said: “Our Yes Challenge campaign has had an amazing response so far. We need as many pro-independence voters as possible in the run-up to the Holyrood elections in May, so nominate an undecided voter today and encourage them to switch to Yes.”

Now that the 5000 sign-ups have been reached, the campaign’s remaining targets are:

- 2000 undecided voters to participate in the Open Minds to Independence journey.

- 1000 confirmed new Yes voters after 12 weeks.

- 200 “No to Yes” conversion testimonials to share via print and social media.

At the end of the process, The National will convert the 24 articles into a supplement which will be distributed again in the paper as a second opportunity to reach undecideds.

The National is also hoping to distribute 500,000 copies of the material and post them through targeted letterboxes across Scotland.